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Company: Peligoni Club
Category: Summer resort jobs (Bar Work, Administration Jobs)
Location(s): Greece

Peligoni Club

With the majority of our guests spending most of their day in the club, food and beverage is an integral part of their holiday. We have two restaurants, four bars, as well as weekly events and our Peli Deli to keep our guests, and our staff busy. All of which require a large amount of forward thinking and preparation behind the scenes. We are ...more details

Company: Oyster Worldwide
Category: Summer resort jobs (Bar Work, Administration Jobs, Waiting Staff)
Location(s): New Zealand

Oyster Worldwide

This programme is great for those you want to experience working and travelling abroad but with help and support to make sure they hit the ground running. Join an instant group of other travellers and be shown around Auckland, travel to the beautiful Bay of Island region, experience the rich Maori culture and history and get a paid ...more details

Company: Oyster Worldwide
Category: Summer resort jobs (Bar Work, Cleaning Jobs, Waiting Staff)
Location(s): Canada

Oyster Worldwide

Available now for summer 2020 and 2021. Book early to take advantage of our work permit advice. Have you ever fancied spending the summer working in The Rockies? Oyster offers participants guaranteed hotel work within a number of roles in Banff. The Rockies lie within the heart of Canada providing stunning scenery and an array of things to do, ...more details

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