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Fancy spending your summer months working at a fantastic summer camp in the USA?  With Wild Packs you will essentially be getting paid to be a big kid! As a camp counselor you may be teaching kids how to swim, to hit a tennis ball, to paint a picture- the opportunities are endless. Imagine spending your summer days in the warm American sunshine, making friends from all over the world and having the adventure of a lifetime - you can have all of that and more at camp with Wild Packs.

Wild Packs specialise in finding summer camp jobs (based all over America) for hundreds of young people every year. The year round team at Wild Packs HQ have worked on camp for years and many of us return each summer to embrace the mayhem of camp! We understand the power and magic of summer camp.

If you are looking for an agency who will work with you on a personal level, cares about the welfare of you and the campers, offers a higher than average salary and is staffed by camp professionals then choose Wild Packs Summer Camps!

What’s Included?

  • No registration or application fees,

  • Higher than average camp salaries- not based on age or skill set,

  • Full medical insurance for the duration of your stay in the USA,

  • Up to 60 days travel time,

  • All food and accommodation included for the duration of your contract,

  • Visa paperwork and support,

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