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Peligoni Club

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The Peligoni Club is a barefoot-style boutique beach club in Greece, designed for pure relaxation. It’s a members-only retreat for a fun-loving bohemian crowd who want delicious food, creative cocktails, friendly staff and sumptuous settings, but without all the fuss that usually comes with high-end hotels. Peligoni is a sun-drenched home away from home, where our guests kick back, let their hair down and watch the world float by.

Unlike most hotels or beach resorts, our staff are the life and soul of the club. A group of friendly, professional and extremely hard working people, Peligoni staff make our guests’ holiday a memorable experience.

At Peligoni we value your character just as much as your experience. We appreciate those who are diligent, self motivated and fast learning. From the beach to the bar, we are looking for our next wonderful group of staff to join us in the summer of 2018. If you have instinctive attention to detail, are fun to be around and value hard work, then we want to hear from you!

Our story

We’ve always been a family business, Peligoni was originally founded by Johnny and Vanessa Alexander in the mid eighties, before devoted guests, the Shearer family, took over in 2005. The Shearers built upon the foundations laid by the Alexanders and transformed this little club into one of the best summer holiday destinations in Europe.

What began as a simple beach bar, a restaurant and basic watersports offering, is now a boutique beach club with three bars, a great restaurant with ample seating areas, sea-facing sun decks, a tranquil pool, fitness area, creche, tailored activities for kids and teens, great watersports and evening entertainment throughout the week.

Working with Peligoni

Our staff are the life and soul of the club. It is up to us to ensure our guests are made to feel at home and getting the most out of their Peligoni holiday. We like to think of Peligoni as home away from home, and our staff as the perfect hosts. The level of pride we take is second to none, our warm and friendly approach is never forgotten and our attention to detail is what makes our guests come back year after year.

Life beyond the club

As beautiful as the club is, we know that you’ll want to escape your workplace every now and then. Our staff often spend their days off exploring the island, taking boat trips, lazing in the sun and enjoying island life. We provide a fleet of vehicles specifically for staff to enjoy their days off, so decide who’s driving, get your towels, and off you go!

Snorkel with turtles at Keri Beach, visit an island winery, watch the sunset over Shipwreck beach, go shopping in Zakynthos Town, or just relax with a cocktail in hand at Porto Roxa. Packed with things to do, Zakynthos is a great place to enjoy your time off.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary

  • Gratuities

  • Return travel from the UK

  • Live out accommodation

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis

  • Access to all non-motorised watersports facilities available at the club, including tuition

  • Discounts on food, beverage and motorised watersports at the club

  • Emergency medical insurance

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