Language Study Centres (LSC)

Language Study Centres (LSC) - Details

LSC is a British Council Accredited provider for the teaching of English in the UK. We offer a great choice of study programmes for Young Learners to study in some fantastic locations across the UK. Also, LSC presents a wonderful opportunity for young workers to gain valuable work experience as Activity Managers or Activity Leaders during the summer by offering exciting social and cultural programmes in iconic cities. Our commitment to academic excellence and an exhilarating social programme is demonstrated through our reputation. We take it seriously and we are proud of having a history of safety, quality and extraordinary customer service.

English opens many doors in life and we feel privileged to be in a position to help thousands of international students every year by providing them with quality language programmes that meet their needs and expectations.

In 2018, we designed courses for over 200 groups and welcomed students from 23 different countries.


  • Experience - operating since 2000

  • Flexible, inclusive programmes

  • Individual consideration of specific issues including medical and dietary requirements

  • Excellent customer service

  • Students matched by interests and requirements

  • Country - specific comprehensive pre-departure information for all students

  • Designated contact at LSC Head Office 24 hour emergency contact

  • Safe, secure and fun experiences in numerous locations in the UK and US

  • British Council Accreditation

  • Small class sizes - 15 max per class

  • Welfare - dedicated team ensuring safety and student welfare


We are delighted to announce that in 2019, Language Study Centres will have the following centres:

  • Brighton

  • Bristol

  • Bournemouth

  • London Docklands

  • London Greenwich

  • London Harrow

  • London Roehampton

  • Oxford

  • Hastings

  • St Albans

             You are one click away from starting your LSC journey in 2019!

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