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01923 287344

Carisma holidays is an independent family-run business that has been providing luxury beach holidays to France for the last 37 years.

As a small, family-run business we rely on the personal, friendly service, both in England and France that we offer our customers. We are therefore looking for responsible Site managers, Couriers and children’s couriers (aged 18+) to work in France from April / early May to late September. We also occasionally have vacancies for Area Managers. For these positions we would ask that you telephone us directly on 01923 287344.  Some half season positions are also available (April to July or July to late September)

Applicants should have experience in dealing with people and be of a friendly disposition. The ability to take responsibility and deal with situations and problems as they arise is essential. Spoken French is preferable but not essential for all of the positions. Our team in France are key to the success of our operation. The necessity to keep morale high is therefore important and so we allow our employees to take a high level of responsibility and organise their time so that once the work for the day is done there is plenty of opportunity to make the most of the beach location of our sites.The lifestyle is very sociable but there is a great deal of hard work. However constant customer contact can provide the instant rewards of making a family’s holiday a happy one.

We are one of the few companies in the industry that provide Self catering accommodation in mobile homes rather than tents. Travel costs to and from the resort are paid. A competitive wage is on offer for all positions and full training is given on-site in France at the start of the season.

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