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Alpine Elements was established in 1997 with a view to providing that ‘little bit extra’ to our guests. Every year that has passed since then, we have continued to improve the service that our guests receive and to expand our operation. 

Working for us is no longer just alpine based. Whilst we still have a fantastic winter and summer alpine program, we now also have a fantastic beach club program – Ocean Elements. So whether your passion is skiing, mountain biking or windsurfing, we have something to offer everyone.

Be in your Element....

We realise that our resort staff have been instrumental in the continued success of the company and we hand pick our staff not only for their experience but more importantly for their enthusiasm and outgoing and friendly natures to run our resorts and chalets.Subsequently we want our staff to be the best in order for us to continue to provide that ‘little bit extra’. If you feel you have what it takes and want to be part of a company that is committed to excellence then we are the company for you.We at Alpine Elements realise that hard work and commitment should be rewarded, so we will provide our seasonal staff with not only a competitive salary, but transport to and from resort, accommodation, food, branded uniform, ski equipment hire, insurance and most importantly we will provide you with training and continued support from management thus enabling you to maximize your time on the mountain or relaxing by the pool and to get the most out of your season.All applicants must possess UK/EU passport, N.I number and UK bank account.

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