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Welfare and Administration Officer
Welfare and Administration Officer
Embassy Summer
Summer camps (Activity Leader Jobs, Camp Counsellor Jobs, Camp Office & Administrative Jobs)
June 2019
£462.29 to £499.27 Gross per week, inclusive of full board accommodation

Job Purpose:

It is our shared goal to ensure that every student leaves our Embassy Summer centres with:

  • Confidence in communicating in English

  • A love for the English language and culture

  • A feeling of having studied in a safe, secure and tolerant environment

  • Engaged in enjoyable activities and excursions, that support character development

  • Accessed a global community of peers, and make friends for life.

The Welfare and Administration Officer leads the Welfare and Safeguarding within centre to create a safe and healthy environment for students, GLs and staff and is to the go to person for Welfare, Safeguarding and administration issues and concerns in centre.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Promoting and safeguarding the welfare of all students, GLs and staff in centre. 

  • Lead, inform and inspire a team of colleagues dedicated to students’ development and welfare.

  • Responsible for checking original staff documentation and completing of the SCR list with support from the centre manager.

  • Maximise student and group leader satisfaction by ensuring their experience meets or exceeds their expectations.

  • Ensure the correct implementation and subsequent follow ups of the Welfare and Health & Safety systems under guidance from the Centre Manager and Head Office

  • To assist and take responsibility for, alongside the management team, the administration of the centre under guidance from the Centre Manager 

Specific Welfare and Health and Safety duties include and are not limited to:

  • Ensuring compliance with the company’s Safeguarding, Health and Safety policies and those of the host school or college and that relevant policies and procedures regarding health, safety, welfare, bullying and child protection issued by Embassy Summer and accreditation bodies are known and followed and adhered to by all relevant individuals.

  • Be known and approachable to all students, Group Leaders and staff for matters of Welfare, Health and Safety

  • Training, inducting and inspiring the centre team in Welfare and Safeguarding

  • Taking appropriate action under guidance from the Centre Manager, Head Office and/or professional bodies where issues of health, safety or welfare arise

  • To ensure there are systems in place which enable all students to receive appropriate advice and guidance and have a channel reporting concerns during their stay.

  • Overseeing the care and supervision of individual students (those not part of group) including the Guardian system: induction, training, implementation, monitoring, meetings, paperwork, student knowledge of their programmes and daily routines

  • Ensure that there is suitable supervision of students (in consultation with other managers) during activities, excursions, residences and free time

  • Review and suggest immediate action on feedback received from students, staff and Group Leaders in consultation with the Centre Manager

  • Ensure all students' dietary, medical, religious and cultural needs are met

  • Promote a safe, inclusive, fun and rewarding school culture and ethos

  • To be responsible for the pastoral care and well-being of all the students

  • Conducting staff and Group Leader meetings on Welfare, HSE and Safeguarding

  • To report all relevant concerns or issues to your DSL

Specific Administration duties include and are not limited to:

  • To liaise with the Head Office International Admissions Centre and ensure student data is accurate and up to date

  • Assist the Centre Manager in the management and organisation of student accommodation including accreditation compliance damage checks, allocations and college liaisons

  • Assist with student, Group Leader and staff inductions

  • To be present at arrivals and help with welcoming students (individuals & groups) and group leaders and to assist with student orientation

  • Assist with the departure transportation planning and logistics

  • On a rota basis organise student departure check out procedures including final room  check out and damage checks

  • To undertake regular inspections of all rooms and to ensure damage is kept to a minimum and reported to the Centre Manager and Group Leaders when found

  • Attend regular meetings with the other centre managers, Group Leaders and other stakeholders

  • Completing or reviewing accurate rooming and allocation plans (Centre Dependent)

  • Reviewing or completing accurate occupancy administration (Centre Dependent)

  • Reviewing or completing accurate accounting administration (Centre Dependent)

  • Completing or reviewing accurate rooming and allocation plans (Centre Dependent)

  • To support other managers when required

  • To carry out residential supervision duties, including meal and bedtime supervision

  • To support in activity and excursion sessions when necessary

  • Maintain clear and consistent records available to Head Office at all times

Organisational Compliance:

The job holder will be expected to operate in accordance with the company’s Code of Conduct, and any local policies and operating procedures relating to academic, welfare and safeguarding matters.

Employees are required to cooperate fully with all arrangements in place related to Health and Safety which include implementation and compliance with control measures resultant from risk assessments and engagement with, and completion of, any relevant Health and Safety training.

Qualifications & Training Required: 

  • Educated to degree level or equivalent (Desirable)

  • Valid First Aid Certificate (Desirable)

  • Safeguarding Level 1 and 2 (Desirable)

Experience Required:

  • Experience in junior education/learning (Essential)

  • Safeguarding and Welfare experience with under 18s in the UK (Desirable)

  • Experience with multiple departments and teams (Desirable)

  • Experience in a summer school environment (Desirable)

Knowledge/Skills Required:

  • A high degree of IT competency- Outlook & MS Office (specifically Excel) (Essential)

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (Essential)

  • Excellent organisational and planning skills (Essential)

  • Ability to deal with complexity  and resolve complex problems and issues (Essential)

  • Ability to work under pressure, multitask, prioritise tasks and meet tight deadlines (Essential)

Personal Attributes:

  • Demonstrates the ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with children and young people.

  • Demonstrates emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours.

  • Demonstrates a positive attitude to the use of authority and maintaining discipline.

  • Demonstrates an exceptional level of attention to detail


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