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Waterski / Wakeboard Instructor - Summer 2019
Waterski / Wakeboard Instructor - Summer 2019
Mark Warner Ltd
Watersports centre jobs (Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Driving)
April/May to October/November
Competitive Seasonal Package

Main Purpose of the Job

Responsible for providing a high level of safety and of waterskiing / wakeboarding instruction, to guests and staff.

Key Responsibilities

  • Waterskiing / wakeboarding instruction on a daily basis.

  • Up holding both the Standards of Mark Warner and the BWS

  • The Health and Safety of the guests in all activities

  • Setting up and pack up of the waterfront at the start and end of each day.

  • Maintaining a high standard of personal appearance at all times.

  • Ensuring that where possible the expectations of the Guests are met or acted on.

Your duties include:

  • Ensuring that a dry land lesson which caters for beginners, whether adults or children occurs twice at the beginning of each week.

  • Ensuring that an instruction programme, which caters for all abilities of Guests whether adults or children is in place on the water

  • Carrying out other duties on the Waterfront as dictated by the Standard Operating Procedure – e.g. Shore break, manning Customer Service Desk, providing Safety cover, pontoon management

  • Establishing and implementing water safety precautions.

  • Ensuring the safety of the guests and staff at the waterfront.

  • Assisting with the care and maintenance of all Watersports equipment.

  • Assisting the Waterfront Manager and Head Instructor with the organisation of Race Day

  • Driving the Ski-boats for the staff water-skiing sessions.

  • Participating in the running of bad weather programmes.

  • Writing Water-ski / Wakeboarding Lesson Plans

  • Carrying out Water-ski Admin for the operation of the Waterfront

  • The greeting of Guests at the airport and their transfer to Resort with a welcome speech on the coach.

  • The transfer of Guests to the airport at the end of their stay - assisting with check-in.

  • Assisting the Waterfront Manager, Head Instructor and Activities Manager with the organisation of Welcome Drinks.

  • Assisting Guests with all their requirements, problems and difficulties.

  • Participating in evening entertainments and social activities both within and without the Hotel (in liaison with the Activities Team).

  • Arranging interesting, informative and well laid out notice boards.

  • Taking evening meals with the Guests.

  • Attending regular departmental meetings.

  • Attending a weekly staff meeting.

  • Displaying a positive attitude at all times.

  • Duties outside your job description as deemed appropriate by your Manager.

  • Maintaining a professional image at all times.

Please note that this job description is purely intended to give you an idea of what your work involves and is not intended as a precise breakdown of your duties. As part of your role you will be expected to cover in other departments as and when necessary.

EU passport and UK National Insurance number essential.

Please note a Disclosure will be requested upon offer of a position.

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