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Summer Resort Manager
Summer Resort Manager
Powder Byrne
Summer resort jobs (Holiday Rep Jobs, Customer Services Work, Managers Roles)
End of June - early September

The Role:

Responsible for managing a team of staff in resort and ensuring Powder Byrne maintains its high standard of client service. Our Resort Managers lead from the front in all aspects of resort life, from airport transfers to booking restaurants.

A very challenging but rewarding position, requiring excellent logistical and leadership skills, a positive approach towards resort work and the ability to problem solve. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Effectively managing the day to day running of the resort.

  • Delivering the highest standard of customer service to our clients.

  • Working alongside the locally run hotels to deliver the Powder Byrne product.

  • Managing the Powder Byrne resort team.

  • Airport Transfers when required.

  • Liaising locally on behalf of Powder Byrne guests, including hotels, restaurants and transport authorities.

  • Carrying out daily correspondence relating to administration (e.g. expenses, operational feedback).

  • Maintain and update the resort file.


  • Previous experience of managing a successful resort team and handling staff and sensitive issues.

  • Previous client management and customer service experience.

  • Full Clean Driving Licence.

  • Excellent organisation.

  • A good communicator who is adaptable resourceful, patient and diplomatic.

  • Languages (desirable).

  • Team player essential.

  • Basic computer knowledge.

  • Experience working with children aged between 6 months and 14 years (desirable).


  • Accommodation

  • Return flights and transfers

  • Uniform

  • Summer Travel Insurance

  • Competitive salary

  • Pre-season training

  • Performance related End of Season Bonus


Full season: End of June – early September

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