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Summer Hospitality Job and Learn French in Canada
Summer Hospitality Job and Learn French in Canada
Oyster Worldwide
Summer resort jobs (Bar Work, Cleaning Jobs, Waiting Staff)
June to September every year
Participation fee £1195 for 3 months (exc. flights). Expect to earn approx. £7 per hour.

Secure your place now for summer 2020!

The Job

There is plenty of work to do over the summer due to this area of Canada being a popular tourist attraction for both the Canadians and international tourists. 

Expect an entry-level position, typically 'back of house jobs' such as cleaning, washing up and food preparation in restaurants or cafes. If you can speak French there may be an opportunity to work 'front of house'. If you impress your boss, and learn enough French to converse easily, you may well be moved into different roles within the establishment. In the past, we have had people running a deli counter and speaking French all day long!

We also have a link with the Luge park in Tremblant and have people working as assistants, ensuring the safe running of the Luge each day. This job is great if you want to get paid to be working outdoors for a summer!

The Pay

If the work sounds appealing then you can expect to earn a minimum wage of $12.50 p/hour. Most find the wage enough to be able to live comfortably, have a great social life and even save money for when they have finished the placement.


You’ll live on the edge of Tremblant, a short bus ride from work, in good quality guaranteed accommodation. This will either be rented Condo’s (flats) or houses. This is the best accommodation that we use anywhere in the world. All accommodation is self catering with cooking facilities provided and you should expect to share a room. Participants pay for accommodation whilst in Tremblant. This is great value and works out to be approximately C$500 per month (roughly £300).

What do I get for my money?

To participate in the programme there is a charge of £1195, this includes:

  • Pre-arranged guaranteed job in Tremblant before you leave home.

  • Guaranteed accommodation ready for your arrival.

  • Home country interview and briefing (either face-to-face or over the phone).

  • Pre-departure briefing and support both in Canada and theUK.

  • Assistance with organising the Work Permit (extra fee of $250 payable to Canadian Immigration).

  • Support from our rep in Tremblant throughout your stay.

  • Transfer and Orientation of Tremblant.

  • Help organising Social Insurance Number and Canadian Bank Account.

  • 10 French lessons with our local teacher.

  • Meet-up meals and activities in Tremblant.

Working in Tremblant for 13 weeks is an incredible experience especially if you are keen to stand out on your CV and improve your French language skills. Previous applicants have come home saying that it was the best decision they have ever made! Not only is the social life great, the jobs fantastic but also the support and benefits that Tremblant gives its employees.

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