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Spanish/French speaking chief entertainer Camping Kids for the Costa Brava
Spanish/French speaking chief entertainer Camping Kids for the Costa Brava
European Leisure Jobs
Camping and Caravan sites (Site Entertainment Roles)
01/07/2018 until 31/08/2018
A fitting salary

How will your day look like?

As a chief entertainer at the Spanish Costa Brava, you are certainly guaranteed with beautiful, sunny, warm days. Furthermore you will be the one who is responsible for the work of your team: yourself and a Dutch entertainment trainee. You will be guiding him or her during the traineeship and you will make sure that the Campingtainment program will be conducted in a professional, fun and exciting way, as shown and taught to you during the training in the Netherlands.

At this camping you will be working with the Camping Kids program ( This is the entertainment formula focused on children from 4 up to 12 years old. Some of your daily activities include: Minidisco, interactive theater with ‘Tipy & Flora’, handy crafting, sports and games, football tournaments, aquagym and a regurarly Meet & Greet with mascotte Zipp the Bee. Many things!

You will be working on a pleasant camping nearby the coast of Palamós, where you will be working with international guests and mostly Spanish colleagues. The owners of the camping are truly passionate about their camping and work hard for it. Living by the motto `work hard, play hard` you will feel very much appreciated by both our guests and colleagues. The entertainment program will take place in the high season (July / August) and as the beach is nearby, you will have to work hard for the guests to join in your amazing program during morning, afternoon and evening!

Is this the job for you?

  • You preferably have entertainment experience or various experience with sport and kids

  • You are fluent in English and have a good knowledge of the French & Spanish language (which will be tested)

  • You like to teach and guide a Dutch trainee

  • You are an independent person who can work by him/herself

  • You are enthusiastic, motivated and pro-active

  • You are flexible and know how to improvise

What will European Leisure Jobs arrange for you?

  • A fitting salary 

  • Travel allowance (maximum 250 euro)

  • Online trainings

  • Campingtainment training in the Netherlands

  • Personal assistance

  • Travel insurance

  • A wonderfull once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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