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Rock Climbing / Ropes at Summer Camp USA
Rock Climbing / Ropes at Summer Camp USA
Summer camps (Activity Leader Jobs, Camp Counsellor Jobs, Summer Camps USA Jobs)
May/June - August 2019
Up to $1850

Making American Dreams Come True Since 1962

Have the summer of a lifetime working at an American summer camp, the great tradition where the only philosophy is to have fun and make new mates, all day everyday. International staff like you bring variety, personality and new skills to camp, and this year it’s your turn to get out there. Book onto the programme today with a £39 deposit, and spend 8-10 weeks working and living the American dream.

Rock climbing:

Introduce the kids at Camp to this exciting adventure sport! Ropes and rock climbing are activities where safety is paramount, so you will be expected to be safety conscious, hard-working and motivated. You should also have a fun and enthusiastic approach to adventure activities and working with children in general.

100% Placement Guarantee (or your programme fee's refunded)

What you get:

    • Placement at a camp in the USA – we match you with your perfect camp based on your personality, skills and experience

    • Return transatlantic flight with other BUNACers (flight programme only)

    • First night’s accommodation in the USA 

    • Food and accommodation whilst at camp

    • Pocket money of up to $1,850 depending on your age and experience

    • Assistance with securing your J-1 work visa

    • SEVIS - a US Government fee

    • Medical Insurance 

    • Pre-departure orientation day in the UK to help you get ready for camp life

    • Access to Summer Camp Recruitment Fairs

    • Access to exclusive travel deals with STA Travel


Now! Book on to our January 2019 Summer Camp Job Fairs today!

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