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Receptionist - White House Hotel
Receptionist - White House Hotel
Herm Island
Summer resort jobs (Administration Jobs, Sales Jobs, Jobs suitable for couples)
End March - Early November 2019

Herm Island is seeking professional people to take on a career-defining challenge.

In 2019 we are striving to make Herm Island a premier hospitality destination for the UK and are seeking high quality candidates to fulfil a number of exciting roles to help achieve this goal.

Herm is located three miles off the larger island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands between Southern England and France. It is a picturesque holiday resort with a resident population of just 60 people that swells to almost double during the summer months. It has one hotel, a vibrant pub, two shops, 20 holiday cottages and a campsite. Being a small, sometimes isolated island, working and living on Herm can be challenging, demanding and not for the faint hearted and requires flexibility, a positive attitude and absolute professionalism.

All positions are live-in and our team are expected to work 6 days out of 7 when the business demands. All positions are paid hourly with holiday accumulating throughout the season. Unless prior permission is granted, we do not expect any of our team to take holiday during the season. Living and working on Herm will bring you close to guests, locals, and your colleagues. You need to be able to adapt and develop with the island team in order to be happy and productive during your time on Herm.

We are looking for people with the following attributes and work ethic:

·         A positive and committed attitude

·         Work well under pressure

·         Ability to handle a relentless work schedule during busy periods

·         A team player

·         Professionalism delivering high standards at all times

·         An excellent sense of humour

What we offer:

·         Industry benchmarked competitive salary

·         50% discount on accommodation and board costs (retrospective on completing the season) – potential of £1,700

·         Fantastic hands on work experience

·         Private accommodation

·         Opportunity to work paid extra hours

·         On the job training to include level 2 FSA certificates


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