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Music and Arts & Craft Instructors
Music and Arts & Craft Instructors
iCamp Thailand
Summer camps (Summer Camp Childcare Positions, Specialist Arts Roles, Summer Camp Sport Roles)
24 June - 9 August // 4 Jan - 12 April
US$ 1,000. Food and accommodation provided free of charge.

iCamp Thailand: Our team is pleased to extend a possible opportunity of employment. We are looking for Sports & Circus Instructors to work as Interns in our 2019 Summer Season! Mentoring campers from ages 8-16 years old, inspiring and developing the growth of our campers. This amazing opportunity allows experience in teaching, traveling, and working as a team player! If you are interested, please click "Apply Now".

In the summer we offer Sports, Circus, Arts & Crafts and Performing Arts plus one day a week an exursion outside of camp like Elephant Haven, Bamboo Rafting, Erawan Waterfall to name a few. All our campers speak English and come from as far away as Abu Dhabi to all of Asis. Most of all our camps go to Internataional School.


  • Full accommodation and Food is provided

  • We will reimburse the Visa cost

  • We pickup from Bangkok to Camp and vice versa

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