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Junior Campinghost
Junior Campinghost
European Leisure Jobs
Camping and Caravan sites (Campsite Courier Jobs)
Between 18/06/2018 and 30/09/2018
Depends on location and your experience

What does your working day look like?

As a Junior Campinghost you are responsible for the Vacansoleil guests and the Vacansoleil accommodations on the campsite. These accommodations can be both tents and mobile homes, or a combination.

During the season you will receive the guests at the Vacansoleil reception tent and there you will firstly provide them with information about the site and its surroundings. Secondly if they are missing something, you will work your hardest to solve this in a quick and respectful manner. 

Thirdly if questions or problems occur you will provide guests with information and / or solutions. As a Junior Campinghost you are working directly for the Vacansoleil guests. You will not work from main reception, but from a Vacansoleil reception tent.

By the end of the season you will prepare the accommodation for the winter. You will gather all inventory and will turn of the water and gas facilities leading to the mobile homes. Furthermore you will be counting inventory so this can be topped up during the winter. The de-montage team can then do its job and clean up and take down the tents.

As a Junior Campinghost you always will work in a team (varies from 1 to 8 persons) under guidance of a Campinghost. 

The working hours and -days are flexible. These will depend on the volume of customers on site. You as a (Junior) Campinghost have an average of 3 half days off per week.

You …

  • have an affinity with camping life

  • are minimum available from as soon as possible until September 2018

  • work accurately and you have a sense of responsibility

  • have a flexible work attitude

  • enjoy working with and for people

  • speak good English

  • are in good physical condition

  • are able to work independently

European Leisure Jobs offers:

  • salary

  • travel allowance

  • housing

  • clothing

  • and of course … a super experience!

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