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Holiday Representative
Holiday Representative
Eurocamp/Al Fresco
Camping and Caravan sites (Cleaning Work, Campsite Courier Jobs)
Start March/April. Ending (Half season - 15th July) or (Full Season September/ October
Dependent on Location

Introduction to the role

As a Holiday Representative you will provide a great experience to all our Guests from the moment they arrive on the campsite and throughout their holiday.

You will consistently deliver a ‘brand quality standard’ always meeting the expectations of our guests and aspire to exceed it. The core elements of the standard will entail:

  • A great welcome with a smile

  • Delivering safe, functional, fully equipped and clean accommodation

  • Being visible and available to our customers when they need us

Please note, this role has replaced the role previous named "Holiday Courier"

Further information

  • Travel; We offer flexible travel options. You can make your own way to the campsite and we will contribute to the cost or we can book a flight, ferry (as a foot passenger) or train for you

  • Accommodation; You will be provided with shared live accommodation in the form of a tent or mobile home (varies dependent on campsite)

  • Learning and Development; You will receive training at the start of your contract with us and regular one-to-one's to help you develop in your role

  • Hours; You will work an average 32.5 hours per week, some weeks are busier than others. You will receive a minimum of 1 day off per week

  • Season length; We offer full and half season contract lengths, our offer to you will depend on your availability, see dates above for 2019

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