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Head Chef/ Kitchen manager
Head Chef/ Kitchen manager
Sands of Luce Holiday Park
Camping and Caravan sites (Holiday Park Catering Jobs)
1/3/2019- 30/9/19
£8-£10 ph

Head Chef 

We are recruiting a new chef to manage the kitchen at the Lighthouse Bar. Although we predominately make pizza, we like to offer a variety of food and frequently change our menu. We are looking for a skilled individual who can establish a menu and manage the kitchen staff.

Ckeck out our menu and read some more about us here: 

A bit about us

The Lighthouse Bar is located on Sands of luce Holiday Park, and the majority of our customers (but not exclusively) are park visitors and caravan owners. Therefore, our opening hours are seasonaly dependent, so we are looking for someone who initially can be full time employed from mid February to November. However if you are driven there is scope for further development as the park expands. We are always welcome to new ideas.

The bar was renovated in 2016 and the kitchen was established at this point. We see oursleves as quite a modern and relaxed environment which should be reflected in our food. We try to use locally sourced and organic produce where possible; quality is of utmost importance!

A bit about you

  • Culinery skills

The most important criteria is that you are enthusiastic about food and genuinely interested in what you are producing. Our last chefs didn't have commercial kitchen experience but were very passionate and adapted to their roles very quickly. 

  • Organised

Our kitchen is very small but very clean and well equipped. This does mean that you have to be very organised and creative with space management!

  • Management skills

You will be responsible for heading up the kitchen staff – everything from making rotas to working alongside junior staff in prep and shift work. You will also have to liase with bar staff so that everything runs smoothly from the kitchen to the table.

  • Self Motivated

Although the shift work is strictly timetabled, this is only a small proportion of your job. Everything else from office work to prep work is left up to your own discretion. Whilst this offers great flexibilty within your job, you must be highly motivated to stay on top of everything and make sure you keep an active stance on what is happening next.

A bit about the work

We tend to open the kitchen 5 days a week at the peak season, however it may be slightly less than this at off peak times – this doesn't necessarily mean you will have less work, there is always something to do! We are also happy for you to open the kitchen more during the lower season if you can pull in customers with advertising/themed nights etc.

Your main responsibilities will be drawing up the menus, sourcing food suppliers, doing the weekly/daily shop, keeping on top of advertising and social media and of course, cooking.

We also have a breakfast menu and offer a variety of cakes and afternoon treats, and although we have a breakfast chef, you will be responsible for ordering and buying food for both breakfast and dinner service. You will also be expected to step in and cover breakfast shifts when necessary. There is also scope to work alongside the breakfast menu and further develop it.

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