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Drivers & Maintenance Staff
Drivers & Maintenance Staff
Peligoni Club
Summer resort jobs (Customer Services Work, Driving Jobs, Maintenance Operatives)
May - September 2018
Competitive salary with seasonal benefits package

We are looking for an experienced team of drivers and maintenance staff to provide our driver service and interact with guests as well as have a high level of practical ability, responsibility and awareness. 

The Peligoni driver service

The guest driver service is offered every day from 7am until the club closes, with the busiest times of day being the mid-morning when guests are coming down to the club for breakfast and in the late-afternoon and early-evening as guests return to their villas to get changed to come back for dinner.

Our driving team, between them, will cover all hours that the driving service runs and in-between lifts will be required to carry out general maintenance tasks, under the supervision of our Logistics Manager.

Who we are looking for

Our drivers need to be self-motivated, resourceful and proactive. They will have a positive, can-do attitude and as a representative of Peligoni, they will be professional, polite and always willing to help.

In your spare time, as well as being able to explore the island and experience the local food and culture, you will have access to the club’s watersports facilities, allowing you to hone your existing skills or learn new ones in sailing and windsurfing.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide a daily driver service for guests between the club and their accommodations

  • Daily maintenance and upkeep of vehicles 

  • Daily cleaning of vehicles 

  • Help with daily maintenance issues

  • Deliver a high level of service at all times

  • Build and maintain friendly relationships with guests

  • Be able to talk to guests effectively about the club and what is on offer

  • From time to time you will be required to take on additional tasks and duties relating to the smooth running of the club

Abilities & Expectations

  • Safe and experienced driver

  • Good practical and mechanical vehicle knowledge

  • Outstanding work ethic

  • Excellent guest relations and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team

  • Self-motivated, proactive and highly organised

  • Flexible and willing to help others

  • Ability to communicate effectively

  • Excellent timekeeping and reliability

Essential Requirements

  • Full UK/EU Driving License

  • Minimum age 23

  • Experience driving in Europe

  • Previous experience in a similar seasonal position is desirable

  • Trade experience/background – plumbing, carpentry, electrical, building, etc. is desirable

  • Previous hospitality experience is desirable

  • Available for the full season (May-September) 

  • UK/EU passport and/or valid visa

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