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Montage employee 2019
Montage employee 2019
European Leisure Jobs
Camping and Caravan sites (Campsite Montage and Demo)
01/03/2019 until 15/05/2019
a salary between 756 and 1593 euro bruto per month (depends on your age)

Do you want to work as a montage employee? For 6 to 10 weeks you can get started in a certain regio in Europe.

As a montage employee you will be working at different campsites in your region. Your team will travel from one campsite to another to carefully build up  the Vacansoleil tents before the summer season arrives. In addition you will move the inventory to get it ready for transport.

During this period you will work together with your colleagues, eat meals together and sleep at the same accommodations (a Tent or a Mobile Home). The teams verify between 5 to 12 employees. 

As demontage employee you receive:

  • a salary between 756 and 1593 euro bruto per month (depends on your age)

  • Housing

  • Muscles

  • Friends for life

  • Respect for your hard work

You are a demontage employee if you:

  • enjoy fysical work

  • are a teamplayer

  • are handy and like to work with your hands

  • have a flexible attitude

  • get happy when seeing a tent!

  • can speak English

  • have a driver license (but also without you can apply)

Are you interested in this job? Apply now! We will let you know if we will invite you for an interview

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