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Creatives Team Member - Haven
Creatives Team Member - Haven
Bourne Leisure
Camping and Caravan sites (Site Entertainment Roles, Campsite Childrens Courier Jobs )

The role will focus on Three key areas:

  • Delivery of the Tots and Creative Activities and any reasonable request by your Line Manager 

  • Operational Standards: That our Park teams are consistently delivering a fantastic experience and high standards be it Activity led or through accessing the facilities/department to be measured by direct guest feedback. 

  • One Great Team: That our Parks are a place where talent thrives; that teams are following a team member training journey, utilising a review structure and giving feedback where necessary. All tots / creative team are constantly coached and supported and understand with absolute clarity, the importance and expectation of their role whilst highlighting emerging internal talent.

Responsibilities for the Role:

Within My Business: 

  • Role Modelling effective leadership behaviours, our vision and values at all times

  • Deliver great leisure experiences to a wide range of guests with varied needs and desires

  • Planning ahead and identify new opportunities and ideas within the department 

With Our Guests:

  • Deliver the very best leisure experience embracing a ‘breath of fresh air’ culture with our guests at the heart of everything we do

  • Through exceptional guest interaction we aim to exceed their expectations to create amazing memories which will last a lifetime, in a safe environment

  • Deliver an extensive and diverse range of tots / creative activities to a wide audience in a planned and proactive manner to a world class standard

Attributes for the Role:


  • Sets their own goals and drives for own success

  • Leads by example

  • Ability to work at pace without too many constraints

  • Is a self starter with a high level of personal motivation

  • Behaves with integrity and needs to be trusted

  • Learns through ‘experience’ and is questionable and inquisitive.


  • Can be positive as a team player

  • Is positive and engaging when communicating with the team

  • Has a genuine and authentic interest in people

  • Can listen to and work within a supportive and coaching environment

  • Can work well as part of a team or use own initiative when working alone.


  • Deliver exceptional standards of activities for children aged 0-8

  • Learn and develop new skills through the training and development provided


  • Lives and breathes the company values in everything they do - ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ experience wheel.

  • Be open and honest with the team and line Manager, to create a positive and trusting working environment 

Experience and Qualifications required:

  • Has a bright and breezy personality and is able to motivate and inspire junior groups

  • Ability to lead junior groups focusing on providing consistent service

  • Ability to plan and organise session plans and materials for the delivery of the activities 

Experience and Qualifications desired:

  • Dance or sports experience is advantageous

  • Experience working with children under 5 years

  • Experience delivering activities to under 5 years old

  • Experience in the holiday industry or junior programming

  • Experience with a range of ages

  • Experience talking to parents of young children and/or working with

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