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Courier in Italy or France
Courier in Italy or France
European Leisure Jobs
Camping and Caravan sites (Area Management Jobs, Campsite Courier Jobs, Site Management Jobs)
01-05-2019 until 01-10-2019
€ 1418,67

What to expect as a Junior Campinghost?

As a Junior Campinghost you are, together with your team, responsible for the guests and accommodations of our partner Vacansoleil. You make sure that every guest feels at home and you are available during their holiday for any questions or issues.

Next to that you take care of the accommodations and that they are nice and tidy. This starts in the low season, when you completely clean and furnish the accommodations. You will resolve any technical issues that will come by. When all accommodations are ready for the summer, you maintain them during the season. At every arrival you make sure the accommodations are clean and ready for the new customers. Also during their holiday you make sure that any issues will be solved and you make sure they have everything they need for a perfect holiday. 

At the end of the season you prepare the accommodations for the winterseason. 

What do you receive as a Junior Campinghost?

  • Salary:A salary between €663 en €1418,67 bruto per month

  • Accommodation:Bungalowtent or mobile home

  • Meals:Not included (but you have a kitchen in the accommodation)

  • Days off:1,5 day per week

  • Training:Instruction at a holiday park in the Netherlands

  • And further:New friends, gain knowledge of this branche and of course an unforgettable experience

What kind of Junior Campinghost are we looking for?

  • Languages:English (other languages are welcome!)

  • Personality:Social, flexible, friendly, representative, precise and responsible

  • Availability: April-September (we also have some possibilities for a shorter or longer stay)

  • Experience:Guest-orientated work experience and technical know-how

  • Education: Not requested

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