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Main category: Camping and Caravan sites

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  • Cleaning Work
  • Campsite Courier Jobs
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Couples and Single Holiday Representatives
Couples and Single Holiday Representatives
Eurocamp/Al Fresco
Camping and Caravan sites (Cleaning Work, Campsite Courier Jobs, Campsite Housekeeping Jobs)
March/April - Mid September/October
Competitive salary, training, return travel & accommodation

All round service with a smile! We welcome applications from couples and individuals whose knowledge and experience will enable them to work independently.

A Representative’s responsibility begins with ensuring that guest accommodation is both inviting and cleaned to a high standard.

As a Representative you will always be the guests’ main point of contact and you will be expected to provide local and general information, give assistance and even act as interpreter if required. Part of this role involves helping out with minor repairs to accommodation and equipment (for example changing a gas bottle or light bulb). You will also be involved in administration duties and keeping basic accounts.

We expect you to deal with any situation in a friendly, helpful and professional manner with a willing attitude and of course, that winning smile!


  • Previous work experience

  • A good working knowledge of the English language and basic numeracy

  • Minimum availability: Full Season: March/April to mid September/October

  • You should have lots of energy and a genuine desire to help people

Working on a Eurocamp or Al Fresco parc requires, good communication skills, patience, a big smile and a commitment to ensure that our guests enjoy their well-earned holiday.

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