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Campsite Managers 2020
Campsite Managers 2020
Embers Camping
Summer resort jobs (Campsite Jobs, Jobs suitable for couples, Managers Roles)
13th April 2020
£2,000 per Month

Embers Camping offers an exceptional camping experience in stunning locations in the South East of England in the United Kingdom.  We are recruiting Campsite Managers to work our spring and summer season in 2020, engaging with our customers to make their stay with us memorable and enjoyable as possible.

We are looking for people with a passion for the outdoors with a welcoming, energetic and fun attitude for our busy summer season.  The campsite managers will be the first point of contact for all guests, staff and administration:

  • General Management of the Campsite and Shop

  • Welcoming and attentive to guests

  • Making and Selling Pizzas, Coffees, Drinks, Ice-cream and Wood

  • Managing Staff and Budgets

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

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