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Bartenders for Iris Parc campsite in the French Drôme
Bartenders for Iris Parc campsite in the French Drôme
European Leisure Jobs
Camping and Caravan sites (Holiday Park Bar Work, Holiday Park Catering Jobs)
01/07/18 until 31/08/18
€1500-€1700 gross per month

How does your working day look like?

On this campsite you will be the face of the bar! You know how to entertain the guests by having a chat and making some funny jokes, and in the meantime you know how to pour all drinks at a fast pace. You draft a beer for daddy, pour a delicious French wine for mum and create a sweet and tasty cocktail for the teenagers on this campsite. You have the right knowledge regarding drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic/coffees etc.) and together with your international colleagues you are responsible to serve the guests their drinks during cosy summer nights on the campsite. You wish the last guest a pleasant evening/night, even when the cosy night ends a bit later than expected. You are flexible and nothing keeps you from providing the best service to all guests! Today was a long day, you had a late shift, but tomorrow is your day off, so you will have some time to relax at the beach. You love this job!

Quiet and busy moments from time to time, it is part of your job. You know how to keep up with the pace that is required during busy moments and you will motivate your colleagues as well. At quiet moments, you scan the terrace to see what still needs to be done. Are all tables cleared already? No empty glasses on the bar? All tables and chairs are in the right position? The guests of this campsite will be so happy with you and your professional and hospitable attitude!

Why working on this particular campsite?

  • This luxurious, spacious campsite has lots of luxurious facilities for all guests, young and old, including a super fun and big water park

  • This campsite is really a family campsite, where various activities will be held during the day and in the evening

  • Guests will come from several countries throughout Europe, so lots of possibilities for you to work on your languages

  • The campsite is situated in a very beautiful, green and natural environment

What European Leisure Jobs asks for:

Would you like to know if this position suits you? This is what we are looking for;

  • You already have some experience as a bar employee and you know how to make delicious cocktails

  • You are not afraid to work hard and a full terrace/restaurant does not scare you at all!

  • You are minimum available in the months July and August

  • You speak, next to English, reasonably to good French

  • You have a positive and cheerful appearance and you love to have a chat with your guests

  • You cannot wait to improve your hospitality skills while enjoying the sun in lovely France!

What European Leisure Jobs offers:

  • Suitable salary (€1600-€1700 gross per month)

  • Travel allowance (max. €185 for this campsite in the Drôme)

  • Accommodation at the campsite

  • Travel insurance

  • Meet and greet before your departure: you will leave well prepared!

  • Personal support

  • Fun reunion with all your colleagues at the end of the season

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