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Main category: Summer resort jobs

Sub Categories:

  • Bar Work
  • Waiting Staff
  • Catering Staff


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Bar Assistant (Beach)
Bar Assistant (Beach)
Ocean Elements
Summer resort jobs (Bar Work, Waiting Staff, Catering Staff)
Mid April - Mid October

Reporting to the Hotel Manager/Bar Supervisor you will provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for guests in our Hotels. You will assist with running the bar ensuring a high level of customer service at all times in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. You will assist with advertising and upselling all bar products, events and special offers helping to ensure that all sales targets are being met and exceeded.  You will ensure that the bar is always well stocked clean and welcoming.


Key Accountabilities & Responsibilities:

Customer Focus

  • To provide guests with a personal holiday experience with the highest service and cleanliness levels.


  • To perform daily and weekly cleaning jobs to company standards

  • Serving customers on the bar in an effective and friendly manner

  • To ensure that appropriate clean uniform is worn at all times

  • To ensure that all local information that maybe of relevance to customers is clearly displayed and passed onto customers

  • To actively upsell any additional extras or events that the Hotel may offer


Key Relationships:

  • Internal: Hotel Manager, Assistant Manager, Head Chef , Restaurant Supervisor, Housekeeping Supervisor, Bar Supervisor  

  • External: Suppliers


Person Specification (assessed via application, assessment centre or interview as appropriate):

Each of the criteria below is rated as Essential (E), Highly Desirable (HD) or Desirable (D). We place considerable emphasis on your Personal Qualities as the training and support we provide can often strengthen any weaknesses that exist in other areas.


Personal Qualities

  • Strong social/People skills/Cheerful/Outgoing (E)

  • Highly Motivated (E)

  • Passionate / Enthusiastic (E)

  • Ability to work alone and as part of a team (E)

  • Ability to cope under pressure (E)

  • Willingness to work hard / long hours (E)

  • Adaptable / Flexible Attitude (E)

Skills & Ability

  • Customer Service (E)

  • Communication Skills (E)

  • Problem Solving and Complaint Handling (E)

  • Sales Experience (HD)

  • Planning Organisational Skills (E)

  • Literate and Numerate (E)

  • IT / Admin / Social Media (E)

  • Spoken English to conversational level (E)

  • Conversational French/German/Greek (D)


  • Relevant Transferable work Experience (E)

Secure Cash Handling Experience (HD)

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